Muovi-Heljanko has invested more than EUR 10 million in more ecological plastic packaging between 2021 and 2022

Multilayer CoEx6 structure + recycled plastic: reducing the carbon footprint of plastic canisters by up to 66%

– First, we reduced the quantity of virgin plastic needed to make plastic canisters by 24%. Now we replaced 35% of the plastic raw materials, one of six layers, with recycled plastic collected from Finnish households. The carbon footprint of a 5-litre Multilayer CoEx6 canister is up to 66% lower than that of a conventional single-layer HDPE canister, says SIMO HELJANKO, Managing Director of Finnish packaging manufacturer Muovi-Heljanko Oy.

It is estimated that eight million cans of petrol for small machinery are produced in the Nordic countries each year, which is equivalent to around two million kilograms of plastic as a raw material. With the new multilayer technology and a single layer replaced by recycled plastic, the need for virgin plastic will be reduced by around 480,000 kilograms per year.

– We use recycled plastic collected from Finnish households for multilayer CoEx6 containers made partly from recycled plastic. Also, thanks to modern multilayer technology, we can now replace some virgin plastic with recycled plastic in the manufacture of rHDPE canisters. We also produce PET bottles from 100% recycled plastic.

– Our product development focuses on increasing the use of recycled plastic in all possible applications, even for very demanding UN-approved packaging, states Simo Heljanko.

Long shelf life for food and multiple benefits for using technochemical products – in addition to sustainable packaging

Muovi-Heljanko revolutionised the market for small machine gas cans already back in autumn 2018, whereby using multilayer technology reduced the carbon footprint of the plastic canister by 24% and improved its operating characteristics.

– Six thin layers makes the canister wall thinner and lighter, which reduces the quantity of raw material required and the weight of the empty canister, says Sales Manager Mårten Karlsson.

Multilayer has proven its superior properties especially in packaging for technochemical products.
– According to test results, multilayer technology has a near-zero evaporation rate, so there is no need for overfilling. The canister’s barrier layer keeps oxygen and impurities on the outside and petrol fumes, gases, and chemicals on the inside. From a storage point of view, it is a big advantage that the multilayer canister keeps its shape, and does not bulge or dent, Karlsson adds.

Sustainable packaging solutions and performance play a major role in both technochemical and food industries.
– Multilayer plastic packaging gives food products a shelf life comparable to glass packaging, Karlsson reveals.

In the second phase of the investment programme launched by Muovi-Heljanko already in 2017, the multilayer canister range has been expanded with 10, 20 and 25-litre canisters. At the same time, the company has developed and patented the A.G.D. anti-glucking system for large canisters. The basic colour of Multilayer CoEx6 canisters is natura. The colour of the canister can be customised according to the customer’s preferences.

– We consider the environment during each stage of our production process. Through product development and investment, we have reduced the quantity of plastic in packaging and extensively started using recycled plastic. Environmental impacts are kept at a minimum both in product design and production. Surplus raw materials are carefully collected and used in other processes, says Simo Heljanko, summarising the company’s environmental responsibility efforts.

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