A forerunner in the plastics industry

Our extensive investments in technology and machinery guarantee our clients first-class and cost-efficient plastic packaging solutions with short delivery times. The majority of our production consists of customised solutions that have been designed together with the client companies of different branches of industry.

Technology guarantees top quality plastic products

In the world’s most modern blow moulding line for PET plastic bottles the packages are produced hygienically, without touching the packages by hand. The ready bottles are placed on pallets and packed fully automatically by robots. The complete pallets are conveyed mechanically for wrapping and further to the automated warehouse. Our personnel monitor the automated production line and ensure the high quality of the plastic bottles in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. The capacity of the production line is over 3 bottles/second, which sum up to more than 250,000 plastic bottles per day.

The fully automated production line for plastic jerry cans is the most efficient of its kind in the Nordic countries – it has the capacity of 30,000 plastic jerry cans per day.

For demanding printing jobs we use silk screen printing. Multi-colour printing is performed in one run for both round and oval plastic bottles, and ultraviolet light dries the colours in an instant. A high print quality is ensured by means of computer vision, which is integrated with the silk screen printing machine.

Modern materials for both food and technochemical products

Our plastic products are made of materials that have been approved for use with foodstuffs: PET, polyethylene and polypropylene. We now also offer food-approved rPET bottles made from 100% recycled plastic, and UN-approved rHDPE containers partially made from recycled plastic, which have a significantly lower carbon footprint than their conventional plastic counterparts.

New, durable and lightweight materials open new possibilities, especially for the foodstuff industry. For example, a multi-layered plastic package gives the foodstuff a storage time that is comparable with that of a glass package. For canisters of technochemical products, the multilayer technology provides a number of advantages:

  • lower risk of contamination, as the impermeable barrier layer keeps oxygen and contaminants inside the canister
  • near-zero evaporation percentage, allowing the canister to retain its shape
  • lightweight, as less plastic is needed than in a single-layer technology
  • ecological, as recycled plastic can be partly used in the manufacturing process.

For example, a 5-litre UN-approved multilayer canister containing 35% recycled plastic has a 66% lower carbon footprint than a similar conventional HDPE canister.*

Thanks to modern technology, packaging material innovations and recycled plastic, we believe that the future of food and technochemical product packaging is plastic!

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*Calculation of 5-litre canisters containing alkylate fuel are included. Stores for three months unopened.