The multilayer canister

has a carbon footprint that is 24 % smaller than that of a traditional 5 litre small engine petrol canister. 24 % less plastics is used for its production, but thanks to to its impermeable layers, the evaporation percentage of this lighter novelty is very close to zero.

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Our product range

meets the individual needs of our client companies: most of our production consists of solutions that have been customised for and in co-operation with our clients who operate in different branches of industry. Our automated warehouse enables a round-the-clock collection of products.

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Our technological know-how

makes us a forerunner in the business, which is a big asset for our clients. Our state-of-the-art PET bottle production line (the most modern in the Nordic countries) and new material qualities bring many benefits to our client companies in different industries, as well as to their customers.

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